Searching on Specific Cards/Types

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Don't know if this has been posted before. Also, I know this the timing of this for '18 is pretty pointless, but I just found that you can search for a specific card type, for a player - be it a specific IF or upgrade card.

It's unfortunately cumbersome - need to go to the EA FUT database & find your player, then click on 'Search Transfer Market', which launches the Web App and finds the player.

Unfortunately you cannot go back and filter further - max BIN for instance. Of course it shows that EA does have the ability to search on a specific "card type ID" - highlighted above - and has been available all this time.

Of course we all know now that they're expanding the search options in '19, but do we know it will be specific to the various versions of the player (for those that have tried the beta and had some demo cards available)?

I hope it's not some generic options … IF, SIF, TIF, Upgrade, etc. Especially given how many new card types have been released and we'd have to wait for them to update these additions.


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