FIFA 19 and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on Xbox One

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Hello everyone.

I was researching about the VRR support on Xbox One for FIFA 19 and can't found anything.

To be honest, the unique clue isn't good. When you try the Xbox Store website and pick a game, there is a colum with the game's "capabilities". For exemple, Battlefield V:

It's express: "Variable Refresh Rate".

In FIFA 19's case, there is no such thing:

Why Am I asking? Because some 2018 TVs, like Samsung Qled Series, does support VRR. With Xbox One S and X it's possible to reach 6ms of input lag on 1080p:

This is the lowest input lag that a TV can reach right now, and low input lag is important for our gameplay experience.

Does anyone know more information about it?



  • Millsy89
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    I'm purely speculating, but DICE create and develop Frostbite. There is a strong possibility that if that is a new feature of a Frostbite update, it will only be on BF:V this year as a showcase and roll out to other studios next year.
  • Samoook
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    Thanks man. ;)
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