Some ideas for improvements in FIFA 19 Pro Clubs

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I need to start by stating the obvious. Pro Clubs has quite a low representation on Fifa. It is good that Ea Sports Fifa have kept the mode on for so long.

I think it's good that it has made some improvements over the years to the mode. I think in this section, and the community, there is a small issue. The issue is that people have a lack of appreciation for Fifa, and the pro clubs mode itself. People think it's their right for clubs to get a re-haul and re-vamp. It's not. I should also add pro clubs is actually really good already as it is. Especially now it has the filter systems that work, league mode, cup mode and different leaderboard systems. The set piece selection pre-game was another great addition.

I am a realist and realise that not many tweaks are needed (or required). We already have custom kits, and logos/crests, which was another very nice addition. Also the load outs system where you can have different builds is a good idea for speeding up things if a player wants to (or is asked by their captain/manager) to switch position.

For me I have a few ideas that hopefully could be implemented without too much difficulty.

1. An option for the captain to pause 3 times per match. Why? This is helpful especially if you get a red card. But also if you need to change tactics to try to get back into the match if you are trailing. It could also help protect the lead.

Even if this is a no-no. Then perhaps 1 pause or even an option to have a quick plan B (whilst the game is still in progress) could be good ideas.

2. The possibility to move clubs, but keep the squad stats for a club when you rejoin. For example you play 10 games for Club A. You move to Club B when Club A is offline, play 5 games. When you re-join Club A then the stats stay there. I don't know how difficult this could/would be to implement. I suppose the option to join more than one club at a time could make this easier to implement.

3. We could have more divisions in the division system. It's another idea for Ultimate team and Seasons I suppose too. This could be quite hard to set up and get right. But it's just an idea.

4. The keeper and defenders currently can miss out on clean sheets if the opponent quits out. If possible it would be nice if this could be fixed. I don't know how hard this is to implement though. The fact the other team quits forcibly could be an issue. As to credit the stats of clean sheets then everyone in the match may have to receive one, I'm unsure. But if possible it would be a nice fix.

5. If a defender/defensive midfielder (or anyone for that matter) clears the ball in the box, or general play, then currently this goes against the passing accuracy stats (advanced personal stats and squad stats). This is a minor issue of course, as in fact the rating system appreciates good clearances. But if at all possible could be a potential change. You could also take crosses out of passing accuracy, and have cross completion as a separate stat I suppose. Clearances per game, headers won per game are also other ideas. Just throwing some potentially interesting ideas out there.

6. In drop in I think it's probably fairer to have the player that's fouled take the free kick, or penalty, that results from the foul. If this is possible to implement it could be a good addition. Another addition potentially is letting a player alert their own team whether they intend to cross, pass or shoot on a set piece in advance. As that's not always clear. Just another idea.

7. I feel it could be nice to change minimum and maximum height to 5 ft 2 and 6 ft 10. Currently we can't use the real height of Maradona (5 ft 4) or the real height of a player like Crouch (6ft 7). I'm also sure people too short, or too tall, could be frustrated they can't use their real height right now. 5 ft 2 to 6 ft 10 could be a fairer and more realistic range for this.

8. Selecting who goes in the wall on defensive free kicks pre-match. Some people might want to keep their best defensive header of the ball out the wall on a defensive free kick. Or their best defensive tackler outside the box. If this is at all possible then it could be another good addition.

9. Selecting attacking throw-in takers pre-match.

These are just a few ideas of mine currently. If any could be implemented then that would be great and any feedback/response from EA (even to say none of this is viable) would also be really interesting.

Thanks for taking time reading this.



  • TMaher7
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    Really like the 2nd suggestion, been wanting that for ages. Same with 8.
  • MataOfFact
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    TMaher7 wrote: »
    Really like the 2nd suggestion, been wanting that for ages. Same with 8.

    Yeah. There are a few good ideas that can be implemented quite easily.

    10. Choosing which players pre-set inside the box on set pieces (and where in the box ...front post back post etc)

    11. Ability to take goal kicks with an outfield player (pre-set)

    12. More available formations.
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    unfortunately, none of this is happening this year
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