TOTS Young vs FOF Mendy

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Who would be the better lb in the 442 formation?


  • Gunnercp
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    I didn't like mendy so id say young out of the two. I prefer rousillon to young though.
  • theraduku
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    Gunnercp wrote: »
    I didn't like mendy so id say young out of the two. I prefer rousillon to young though.

    Can't fit roussillon in my squad unfortunately. I could fit Lucas Hernandez tho, but I don't really like the look of him.
    Is young's strength a problem compared to mendy's? I like my fbs to have 3* sm so playing with Mendy wouldn't really be ideal as I tend to take on players with my fbs sometimes and mendy can't really dribble that well.
  • Benaas24
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    Young has been fantastic for me, I recommend going for him
  • Kyranst
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    Young was great for me before I traded him in. I used Mendy briefly and he was okay nothing special. His low agility and balance make him feel much slower than his card says.
  • theraduku
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    Yeah I think I might give young a go. Need to finish the seasons matches first for the reward since I'm a little short on coins. But yeah, thanks for the advice!
  • JohnDoe
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    Mendy has been far better for me than Young was. He's like a worse Futties Lukaku (who is the best defensive LB in the game, imo), but not by much.
  • Headshrinker363
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    I quite like Mendy too, infact liked him so much I put off trying Young. Evra was brilliant, until the 60th minute. The only player I’ve ever had an issue with stamina and I’ve used EOE Kaka for over 550 games.
  • LovelyVillain
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    Young is really good. Top 3 LB in the game for me after having used every top LB.
  • Shearer09NUFC1
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    I've used young for a long time now and really can't complain, he's a very good card, that being said I have never used mendy
  • michael15172211
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    I love young, his weak foot might not be the best for crossing but it makes it so easy for him to cut on his stronger foot and hit shots, his finesse for me is actually really good, he had several game winners for me with his shooting. Overall defending is good but can be stronger. Mendy is solid but was not the best getting forward find it lacking a bit
  • BigPoppa
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    Young by far, I like one of the full backs to have m/m work rates and on top of that it's perfect for the fake shot cut back for the cross. Makes the opponent think twice. Mendy can be a bit of a tank but going forward didn't offer as much for me.

    Does depend though I need my fullbacks to get forward and then intercept. If you need a big guy to defend at the back you can change instructions and get Mendy to do that and he will do that better imo.
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