So....... FIFA 18 nearly over..... Anyone else still NOT packed an icon?

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As per title gents, who else hasn't packed one yet? Excluding the guaranteed of course!

Games nearly dead and not even a glint of a blue / gold flair.


  • JohnDoe
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    I am yet to pack an icon.
  • limjitwe
    8605 posts League Winner
    I’ve packed 2 during the TOTY period. ZERO for the TOTS period though.
  • Waspy
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    i just can't believe ive not even packed one haha, mental!!!! hurts my soul truth be told :(
  • Walsgrove_V2
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    Packed a couple on WC mode ... What a mode !!!! B):D
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    @Waspy I'm with you bro, not a single one from packs for me either :'( ...only guaranteed sbc's and primes that I've done.
  • Jonboyparker
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    No. Only only notable cards I've packed is 89 bale and 91 de gea before tots. I've now played 1500 games. Pack luck was poor! Did good with tots though
  • Kvkortrijk19
    1481 posts Play-Off Hero
    I never packed one in UT :pensive:
  • paul24878306
    5079 posts Big Money Move
    Im yet to pack an icon, tot or even an if.

    That said I don't open packs.
  • AJHaeford1989
    221 posts Sunday League Hero
    I've yet to pack an Icon on any FIFA, which is funny since I only play with players I pack. I've also yet to pack Ronaldo and Messi on any FIFA.

    I did pack base Icon Gullit in the base Icon SBC.
  • SweatBeautifully
    1353 posts Professional
    I packed David Luiz and Alex Sandro when they were worth 100k. That's my most valuable pulls all year. It is disgusting
  • keyroy
    1615 posts Play-Off Hero
    Same here. Opened a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ loads of packs this year eith wl, mm and loads of leagues and icon sbcs and still not packed one
  • Fatmanc
    1353 posts Professional
    I haven't packed a single one
    I have played just under 3000 games
    Done 15 prime icons
    done pretty much every MM SBCs
    and spent an easy £1000 on packs (if u have it why not spend it is my motto)

    And still not 1 icon
    I will state ive packed some bangers tho
  • thegabrielNYC
    727 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I packed one in WC mode, outside of the guaranteed SBC....haven’t packed much in regular UT outside of a guaranteed SBC.
  • Moy
    1018 posts Professional
    Nope, not packed one either
  • Delboy13710
    8645 posts League Winner
    Nope me either not spending a penny next year
  • Imtnt
    4885 posts Big Money Move
    Twice.. Dinho 89 and R Carlos 88
    Not bad.. not usable cause I had their Prime bought/SBC already
  • Demon_reborn
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    i packed one at the start which was cr3spo and thats it.
  • ChrisMagicman13
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    Whilst I have 4 in my starting line up, none have been packed, 3 are prime SBCs though
  • Sirin
    2504 posts Fans' Favourite
    Yet to pack one, or any player worth more than 30k really. Gave up on FIFA a few weeks ago, there is just no reason to play for me anymore when i never get rewarded.
  • wade_7_
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    Over here!
    Can't say I've packed anything of note since day one this year tbh
  • Rossco160715
    2634 posts Fans' Favourite
    Nope. Icons via packs are a myth.
  • serrer7
    1515 posts Play-Off Hero
    I packed 2. The most studid thing his that i packed them in a normal gold upgrade ( baby Vieira) and in a 7,5k pack the was from the token of th wc mode ( baby dinho) lol
  • Goatiano_Goataldo
    251 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got a 87 Okocha from a Mega pack.
    Never packed a 91+ nif or Tots though.
  • aberry1000
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    89 Ronaldinho
  • Jobiwan
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    Got 91 matthaus back when he was worth about 750k. Think it was at the start of tots but cant remember. Was delighted didnt expect to ever get one...
  • Xx_iou_cheesecake_xX
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  • krappen07
    5995 posts Big Money Move
    Prime Hagi during TOTY, went for 880k. Was shocked
  • Acker
    1214 posts Moderator
    Still haven’t packed one and to think I’ve spent much more on packs this year it Certainly hurts lol
  • PMN_Obes
    187 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    no icons for me either. I think the highest rated card I pulled was an 87.
  • Hibee
    12412 posts Has That Special Something
    No icon pull for me. It’s probably an anti Scottish racist thing.
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