Increased chemistry bonds for previous season team mates

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It would be nice and more realistic if team mates of the previous season would keep an orange team chemistry bond. Salah and la Roma players during the 2017-18 season, for example.


  • Boommaametw3
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    No then i can join Neymar with Suarez and Messi then link with Paulinho and Alex Sandro because of brazil nationality etc. Or Bring back Bale or Suarez even Ronaldo to an epl team
  • Brownian_Motion
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    @Boommaametw3 No. Ronaldo left epl back in 2009. The increased bond would only apply regarding the very last season. It would make sense because the players would have been team mates just a few months back. More than a season back in time, the bond would vanish.
  • TeamRem
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    How would you have that coded? Salah I guess would be premier league/Liverpool/Roma/Egyptian but not Calcio A. Somehow you would also have to code it so only Salahs 16/17 teammates got an orange link though. For example, a newcomer 17/18 Roma player wouldn’t get a link with Salah, right? You would have to abandon the current simplified system we have now and custom code the links for every pair of players.
  • Brownian_Motion
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    @TeamRem Yes, your description is what I have in mind. It would be more work for EA to keep tracks, but a step toward more realistic bonds, if they intend to keep that system.
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