Prime Maradona: Great or Flop?



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    Chemistry benefits plus better traits

    I've got that aguero.... And believe me, he's unbelievable.

    Also have prime Ronaldinho and he doesn't feel much better on the ball than aguero.

    I did his loan to try him out, he is a great player, much better IMO than Maradona.

    maradona is solid enough, but his weak foot is terrible, which means for me he isn't good enough.

    Ive got TOTY KDB as my CAM anyway, no way I'm swapping him all year, guys a beast
  • Great!
    used his loan 5 games last night.. class no doubt and ofcourse if I played 100's of games with him I'd get the ultimate best out of him but made me realize Dinho > that strength and size of his is far more present
  • Thedudeabides
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    Incredible card. 85 shot power is a lie, his left foot is a cannon. He also hasn't missed from inside the box with his right foot yet(all pretty simple chances tho). No issue with stamina either, his tight dribbling and speed dribbling is the best I've used this year. He is as fantastic as I hoped he would be :smile:
  • Phildeleg
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    It's just Maradona. Played against his load card a bunch & he's caused me no issues. I just defend him how I would Messi.

    Close him down quickly to avoid damage
  • madwullie
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    Having used the 91 and the 95 extensively you really really don't notice the 3* wf
  • Hody
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    What Chem Style do you guys use on prime Maradone, tried Finisher, doesnt seem to make a difference. Overall hes too weak and too slow, if you are not into tricks. The stats on the card dont match his game performance
  • Great!
    had hated his loan back then... but did his prime yesterday cause boredom was real.. 3 game no goals no assists and overall just being a terrible weak little presence .. and i'm good with "small, good dribbler" type usually, he's been trash :D
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    Why is the sky blue?
    Isn’t it mad that you can see through glass but still see the glass
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    Icons have been superceded in a big way
    Tried maradona and ronaldinho (middle versions) and they were vastly outplayed by tots dybala and neymar
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