when EA is goona fix the store bug

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I wanna play fifa but since the world cup mode the store in the mode and in the ultimate team doesn't work and i cant unpack or buy packs so I cant get any progress in the game so please fix it its been almost 24 hours since than and you already fixed it in the consoles but not in the PC so why did you do that? I paid fairly on the game and I deserve an equal treatment as the console players getting so please just FIX it instead of releasing unnecessary updates.


  • Chubz
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    It's only 06:08 where the EA boyz are, so most likely won't hear a single word until about 3 - 4 hours from now. Then that is just an "update" will most likely say exactly what they said before "they are working hard, but have no ETA".

    Ill be surprised if its resolved before end of day tomorrow.
  • trampo23
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    The store issue is still being investigated and we're testing a possible fix, more information will be posted as we get it. Thanks for your patience. -Cade
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