2nd Bundesliga TOTS SBC *PULLS*


  • wade_7_
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    limjitwe wrote: »
    wade_7_ wrote: »
    Haha guess you need to try him @limjitwe!

    Sane for me. Upgrade on the 89rated unknown I put in, I guess.
    Roll on ultimate tots
    I have I have. Haha he’s decent.

    Lol you got a minor minor upgrade!! Sane is decent

    I’ve yet to get a MID or ATT for this TOTS SBC.


    Your time will come man.
    I've managed 3 midfielders, but none too impressive.
    Im never gonna use sane, but the little rating upgrade will help out in the next SBC
  • dregana08
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    Sane then Muller.
  • Retro_G
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    Pavlenka, can't complain after landing Rodriguez the other day, at least he is a high rated fodder.
  • Cameron-NCAFC
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    Kimmich and Lewa from my two! Pretty pleased with that!
  • aberry1000
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  • nitraw
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    with the new hybrid i built yesterday with the tots goretzka untradeable i pulled in the upgrade pack (!!!) i literally wanted 1 of 4 people that could fit into my squad. i got bailey one that i actually needed. unreal luck 2 days in a row.

  • WS-SCFC-1184
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    Bailley and F’in Bailley sunday is so far away and ive not finished buying my team yet gonna have too discard a 93 rated Beast :(
  • eRbz26
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    Keita... I'll take it helpfully hes decent
  • rnmays1
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    Batshuayi. Was happy but he's trash in game. Least i have a high rated card to submit into an sbc
  • AdrianV
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    Batsman. Guess he will be a supersub or will put him in an SBC
  • Crookieee123
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    I got Bailey weird thing is this is the 4th one where ive gone and bought a player and then picked them untradable bought walker then packed him did the same for Son and the same for Goretzka and now Bailey
  • A_Snipe
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    Goalie Sunday used him for max today. Will use him Sunday probably
  • Jaymizzo
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    The game has me on a chokehold. I have the 3 undesirable TOTS players and sacrificing one of them to get an untradable of the other will ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me off.

    Volland seems very good. Muller, Reus, Bats, James and one of the GKs are the only players I currently want. Reus or Muller would be a dream.
  • SStubbs88
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    Gregor. Who I also got in the Sunday one.
  • ElatedKarnage
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    Super stoked! :smiley:

    This but he don't fit in my final team lol

    I'm in a similar spot. Gonna have to swap some things around and work him in.

    Finding it incredibly hard to fit him in since I don't have any icons.
  • Manda1997
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    Got Gregor Sunday.... submitted him and got him again -_-
  • Waspy
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    Hrdecky or however it's bloody spelt. Can't complain too much as packed Goretzka at weekend.

    Heard good this though about this TOTS GK, anyone used him yet?
  • GettingMessi
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    edited May 2018
    1st SBC - Gregoritch
    2nd SBC - Gregoritch.

    Mothertruckers!!! Think my SBC pack luck is being punished for my upgrade pack pulls. :D
  • daydreamer45
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    1. max
    2. Pavlenka B)
  • Dez1888
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    Well happy with this, Messi last week and Batman today... potty the gameplay is still rubbish!
  • baynali
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  • Derryboy1893
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    Max Sunday, Kimmich in upgrade packs and Hummels today. Might need to complete a bundestag back line
  • RedKos
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    The 93 gk from finland. Another nice rating for the Gullit sbc, I guess.
  • Parth12008
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  • Zababe04
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    edited May 2018
    Lewandowski but I don’t know how to use him in my la liga team
  • Zababe04
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  • Amdp9
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    @Amdp9 Wendell is a decent pull tbf, I have his swap version and that's good. Max is awful. Seems to weak and isn't as fast as his card says. Bundisliga is the first one I haven't packed anything decent from the 2 sbc's.... bit dissapointed to be trolled with the German flag twice..... I really hope I get who I want from the calcio A

    @P1tch_1nvaderz88 yes Wendel is just amazing it feels so fast, loved it and keeping his card in my team, I did get max and sent him his way he
    Or Wendell
  • Amdp9
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    Gunnercp wrote: »
    Traded Sane for Caligiuri.
    @Gunnercp why would you get rid of Sane that card just so beautiful and amazing
  • Zababe04
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    Zababe04 wrote: »

    I got goretzka after lewandowski
  • Vflagship
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    Amdp9 wrote: »
    Swissy wrote: »

    Congrats mate

    Anyone know what this kit is?
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