How do you message the player you're currently playing against?

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  • dylanmx
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    Pause the game and press square, download app on phone and messege through there.
  • Razorback86
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    dylanmx wrote: »
    Pause the game and press square, download app on phone and messege through there.

  • RoyWegerle
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    On PS I think you get their handle - shown under players on pause menu - press square I think to see it. Then add them to a group, then you can message them. Assume that’s how it’s done as I’m told they’ve added me to a group before they start spamming abuse. Save the phrase ‘I don’t understand’ into your quick links so that the abuser gets really wound up as you spam that back. They then begin sending you the most creative abuse - which takes them a while to write (I don t think they’re very bright!) thus allowing you the opportunity to knock in a few bonus goals as their team is unresponsive so you get a free coin boost. Either that or ask them to repeat themselves as you can’t concentrate on their messages over the sounds of their mother slurping on your downstairs area - this tends to lead to a red card frenzy as they ’show you’ by getting their first team players suspended for their next games.

    Great fun.

    Enjoy messaging people
  • Senth6
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    You gona say how well the other guy played
    Or you gona roast him
  • GrinWithoutaKat
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    I have messages turned off, but people still do it by sending a friend request with a message in it :D

    I swear I do nothing to antagonize people other than trying to win. I don't drag out celebrations, never watch replays, never make intentional fouls, but still people send angry messages because of how expensive my team is. I know it's not fair, but what do they want, me to just let them win?
  • deang07
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    used to be easy with players met but thats been broke on ps4 for ever lmao
  • Mitul77
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    just use microphone :P
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