TOTS Valeri

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I was going to use it for the La Liga TOTS SBC but then I saw his stats...99 long shots? Besides his pace and physical...this card looks insane!


  • alvchong
    980 posts Professional
    Experimenting by using him in between my icon Crespo and Zanetti. Score few heading. Not bad. Anytime feel not good will recycle the card in next SBC.
  • HideousCompany
    632 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I flung him straight into my MLS squad and he's alright. Feels much quicker than 77 pace, good passer but I felt his long shots were disappointing. Perhaps putting a hawk on him might help? I'm probably going to keep him though
  • Persevere80
    1096 posts Professional
    I've not tried him yet but I managed to complete the challenge last night. I almost traded him in to reduce the cost of La Liga sbc but after seeing his ig stats i used pope in instead.
  • Lackosweat
    5741 posts Big Money Move
    He’s great. Gives link to Pastore and Di Maria in the POTY Neymar’s PSG challenge B)
  • Viggo 007
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    double 3* and generic card, I'll pass
  • nj10
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    I think it's a decent card, I have MLS/ calcio a as my fitness squad so he goes quite nicely in there.

    Didn't feel too mobile to me so I had to use him quite sparingly.
  • RayS
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    solid but not game changing card imo. Granted I've only used him a few game so far in my MLS hybrid. If he fits into your team, I would give him a shot. But I wouldn't change my whole team around to force him in.
  • RayS
    25706 posts Player of the Year
    Viggo 007 wrote: »
    double 3* and generic card, I'll pass

    @Viggo 007 u are now my mortal enemy
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