Really hope EA listen to feedback for fifa 19.

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For me the WL has completely killed Fifa... Because the prizes are so much better than any other mode, it's all anyone wants to play. Yet 40 games for the average person is just too much.

Seasons rewards need to be increased in a big way... I think 20k and an untradeable mega pack for winning division 1 would be about right.

Hopefully with the champions league rights, they bring back some sort of mid week tournament type mode, that has nothing to do with the WL.

For the past 4 months now I've really been struggling to keep myself motivated, sure the TOTS sbc's have tempted me into playing some games this weekend, but the gameplay is so bad, that as soon as I concede a couple of dodgy goals I just turn the game off and go back to fortnite. I can't believe I'm even saying this as I've played every fifa since I can remember... But unless something big comes in the way of changes I'm not even gonna bother next year. I feel like this is a sinking ship.


  • Boysie91
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    Servers in all modes needs sorting first
  • CoachDavio
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    Auto lunges are the worst. Random bad touches by 90 rated wingers.
  • AFC_95
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    For me if the WC mode is not amazing I won't be buying 19. They don't care about their customers and they don't want to make a fun game. For them it's money. And that's it.
  • Dragon007
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    Fat chance they will. Not until everyone spends money on the packs.

    They don't even respond to us customers when we give feedback. Only money talks.
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