TOTS Firmino or TOTY Kane

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Anyone used both/either ?


  • ha032742
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  • Yourageallday
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    Firmino is incredible
  • fifaplayerbol
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    Depends on your play style, TOTY Kane is a bulldozer, whereas Firmino is better for the more intricate players.

    I have to stay despite all the hype around Firmino, I played someone in the final with him and he was extremely easy to deal with. Vardy for me has been the most effective prem ST along with TOTS Son who I now play at Left ST.
  • letsfifa10
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    surprisingly, firmino is scoring more for me at cam, his timing for late runs into box is incredible
  • Advait
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    No question

    Honestly can't think of one thing Kane does better IG
  • Burchy
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    Firmino! Couldn’t fault him.
  • Amdp9
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    TMega95 wrote: »
    Anyone used both/either ?

    Firmino by far
  • TMega95
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    Cheers guys! Picked Firmino up for 625k - WHAT A PLAYER
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