Just got kicked out of a WL game due to OGs when losing 4-3

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I know why the system is in place, but can't they detect when it's an OG scored on purpose? First goal was a chip over the keeper than my defender tried to head out and it went in off him. Second goal hit the post and bounced in off the back of my keeper, and then with the score at 3-3, my defender tries to slide tackle and it takes a deflection off him, into the net, instant DC.


  • Diggy
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    Unlucky that’s it was bound to happen to someone & the reasoning it’s there is sound like you suggest
  • WarrenBarton
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    I think they made it harder to score own goals if you know what I mean. It seems the striker gets the goal even when there is about 3 huge deflections.
    I guess you were just incredibly unlucky.
  • ASlowPotato
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    This happened to me yesterday too. I was 5-2 up from two defelction goals from corners. 86th min, Rio tries to clear off line but it goes in, I disconnected.

    I finished one win short of next monthly bracket this month. Thanks EA.
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