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Dkt final

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I keep getting the speed up play in the dkt final but the games before are smooth


  • BL86
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    6/10 for this thread, lacking in both background detail and any use of punctuation. Would avoid reading this again.
  • Morley86
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    First three games there is no delay play the final and get speed up play about the 75th minute
  • Bilbao_Baggins
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    5/10 from me.
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    You are probably getting it every game and just not noticing it.

    It's a crap shoot - sometimes I am lucky enough to see the speed up happen during a cut scene or getting ready for a corner kick or something and I can just let it pass. Other times I get it while my opponent is attacking and I just have to scream and hold the A button down hoping I block any shot they end up taking before it gets back to normal speed.
  • Morley86
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    No just in final
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