FIFA changing to a subscription plan? Y'all think it'll happen?

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  • alanrudy
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    Actually just saw some threads with not as specific titles about this same subject so conversation probably better to continue there.
  • Kasuyo
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    Not interested if it's subscription, pay for that and still pay for fifa points lol only a fool would go for that.
  • Ah,, that reliable website.... :neutral:
  • alanrudy
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    Ah,, that reliable website.... :neutral:

    Lol @AlexCarla2011 , to be fair it quoted a Bloomberg source and that subscription model is talked about elsewhere. I don't know if it'll happen butI guess they're thinking about it.
  • Omar.aljanaby
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    I'm not going to buy subscription plan what so ever!!! Unless it is $60 a year because I'm not buying more than what is the standard price!
  • alanrudy
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    I guess they're just thinking about it, don't see them doing it cause I don't know how they'd account for all these changes to players and they'd probably lose a lot if there weren't a lot of new players.
  • marktko
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    This will happen. Maybe not this year maybe not next but it’s the future of gaming and makes sense.
  • bristolbob
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    Makes sense. At the end of the day we all know FIFA 19 will just be a FIFA 18 with tweaks and new kits/rosters, so why not end the chirade of a 'new' FIFA every year and go for a subscription or premium model and allow the devs a couple of years in between editions to actually make changes.
  • panospetroupoli
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    If they do this,they need to improve all modes,not only fut.If they still continue their current strategy by only improving fut and ignore the other modes,I will not buy it.No sane human will pay 120€ a year for a game that it focuses only on fut,and im sure that I am not be the only one that will not buy it.They will lose a lot of costumers.
  • alanrudy
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    Well thinking about it more from a business perspective, they would only do this if they figure out how to get the same returns from FUT. I mean people will be already near full icon/toty/tots teams in about a month so what motivation would players have to spend on fifa points/packs if they can't upgrade their team. That's why I don't see it happening now unless they find a way to reconfigure that.
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Asking a parent to buy Fifa for little Jimmy once a year seems a lot easier than getting them to sign up to a monthly subscription, I imagine they lose a lot of their younger players if they go subscription only unless its a one of payment
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