Anyome got anything on 17

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Xbox one. Pm if so


  • Hello Fifa fans ;)

    I have a queation for you all, i hope someone
    have a good answer for me;) and sorry for my english.

    I only play Fifa carreer, i really like it.
    I like it more if my oponents have alot of 99 skill players. It was alot of work to chance alot of players, all that work is gone because i did something wrong and the teams are not saved.
    So i have no energy anymore to do that again, it was a week work.
    So my question, is there a faster way to upgrade teams. And to upgrade players to 90+
    I really hope there is a faster way to do that.

    Thanks for reading, and i hope someone can help me!
  • James123_afc
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    Bump still looking for 17 stuff
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