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This is my team, done the baby icon sbc, packed Rui Costa and think he's dreadful. Any suggestions what do with the card/team? I also have an 87 unreadable Parejo if card.

Also what kind of level/rank should this team be achieving in weekend league?


  • GoalGiant
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    If he’s really that bad, maybe look to complete a prime icon SBC? Chuck costa in and you’ll get a 100k pack right off the bat. Then gradually complete it. I found Okocha to be pretty filthy for his price, but plugged him into Del P and can’t be happier!
  • GoalGiant
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    With regards to weekend league, Depends more on your skill than team mate. Don’t play to achieve high ranks,play for enjoyment and take good ranks as a bonus.
  • Mincepie171286
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    Swap your cbs around?
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