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So I tried PES finally

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After quitting Fifa for two months, I want to play football games again and PES is having a half price discount in PS Store, so I decided to give it a try.

And I am very impressed, after 2 days. I think I will get a copy for 2019 and start MyClub instead of FUT.

1. Better engine - you can feel it easily. One touch pass is effective only for first one to two passes and after that the player will misplace the pass (which is quite realistic imo). The tikitaka style in Fifa won't work. Another point worth mentioning is the crossing and heading system. It feels so smooth and realistic.

Of course there are some bad points as well, like the shooting system and some players movement looks awkward. But in general I do feel much more fun when playing the game, even if I lost.

2. Completely different market (some people won't like this) - no more trading. Everyone has to earn their coins from matches. Players are acquired either by loot box draw or scouts, where scouts can be obtained by matches or public auctions (all issuers are Konami). No more trading, no more investment, no more if you don't invest you would lose to your counterparts.

I personally don't like this because to me trading is fun, but I know there are lots of people who don't like trading and investing as well.

3. No TOTW, instead, players are able to "grow" by match exp. For example, Mbappe initial rating is 82, but you can train him up to 92. In a way it's just like the old master league system. Mind you do need a lots of time to max out a player though.

4. Needless to say, much better chemistry system. No more change formation ****. Players are able to change to their pre set tactics and formations easily in game anyway.

There are lots of good ideas in PES that Fifa can easily copy and paste to be honest. If you don't believe you can try yourself. I do feel glad that I paid just a tiny fraction of money compare with those FP I paid back in Sep (when all means nth now) and able to find a great alternative. FUT18 is likely my last FUT, unless EA makes huge changes, because I got my alternative already.

Just to share and to those who fed up of EA, hope you can find back some fun from football games like me in PES.


  • Babu
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    Played for the first time yesterday and I am like you, impressed!

    1. No more striving each week to get the best players as the players grow within your team which is more REALISTIC.

    2. Gameplay is far more REALISTIC - no more ping pong passes and long shot rubbish. And the goalkeepers can actually keep goal! Tackling is better as players get onto opponents quicker and can run them down if passed.

    3. New players are gained through agents which is again more REALISTIC.

    4. As far as I can tell there is no more BiG Brother determining the outcome of the game in order to manipulate you psychologically.

    5. No more pressure to play the weekend league.

    6. Content and graphics/presentation are worse but that is not a bad thing.....Fifa bring out content just to make money whereas PES do so frugally meaning there is less pressure on you. The graphics do not matter once you start playing and understanding that gameplay is much more REALISTIC that its a compromise worth taking.

    7. Pack luck is a lot better. In my first day I managed to pack Diego Maradona, Carrasco, Cuadrado, Khedira.... Diego has already grown in skill level and is starting to bring a smile to my face with what he can do!

    8. Online play - finding opponents can take up to 5 minutes but once in game there are usually no issues. I have disconnected twice but the game knows this and tells you that the result will not be counted so you can replay the game.

    Overall, it is what I expect a game to be - a game, something I can sit down and have fun with and for it to grow with me. No constant pressure, no unrealistic gameplay, no Big Brother determining outcomes.....all a win win for PES.

    I only switched as I had been accused of Coin distribution and had my coins i had earnt swiped. I had to go back to them 3 times to state my innocence and yet each time they said they investigated the issue and said I had coin distributed. When they said they would not look into it any further I told them I was leaving for PES. They then came back and said they were wrong......again trying to manipulate me psychologically. Unfortunately for them I had already played PES. I am now grateful for their psychological games they were trying to play with me as I would never have tried PES otherwise. So glad it happened now as I have found the football game that I was wishing for all along.
  • Dinksy
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    I've found pack luck on PES to be a bit debateable. Started 2 weeks ago and yet to get a black ball yet, having used quite a lot of agents as well. Only real grudge I have with the game is that you cant change formation without signing a new manager
  • V_Babu_V
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    Dinksy wrote: »
    I've found pack luck on PES to be a bit debateable. Started 2 weeks ago and yet to get a black ball yet, having used quite a lot of agents as well. Only real grudge I have with the game is that you cant change formation without signing a new manager

    On myclub there is a competition vs COM where if you win the game you get a guaranteed black ball.....

    ........based on your pack luck I guess I have just been really lucky so I take it back and am even more grateful!

    Yes, the thing about formations is strange although it adds a new dimension of thinking to your game play. I think if you set up a Master League game you are free to change formations though - you can transfer your players over from myclub to Master League too.......

    The one thing I am really liking is the player levels whereby their skills grow with you - it's what I was really hoping for and still can't believe this game gives it to us! Now you can be successful with a team you really want rather than a set of meta homogeneous players.

    Also, I realise that the games online that I have played have still been laggy as I compared it to game play versus the computer. But WOW! Game play versus the computer is sensational! There is so much detail and thought gone into how the game works, it's sooooooo much more realistic than Fifa.

    If anyone preferred the demo of Fifa 18 to the game now then PES will impress you..............
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