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Latest patch - what changed?? Pes time...

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After a two week break I return and find myself plummeted to division 5 from three seasons in division 2. What changed in last patch?? I’ve won 2 out of last 20.

I can’t defend any more. Can’t get near or contain using my trusted x button and my through passes as so feeble some just trickling a few yards when my 92 year old grandma could play better. I even have it set to assisted .

And suddenly even division 5 opponents appear to be able to play with the tackle button permanently pressed, intercepting everything that goes near them, moving to where I am going to pass before I even know myself and winning all ricochets and defending just by standing still.

What’s changed. Even normal passes sometimes now just go random. They’ve defo dicked around with it,

I am downloading the pes 2018 lite game as we speak. I ike a licenced game don’t get me wrong but I am now going to give it a try.


  • daviec
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    marktko wrote: »
    I am downloading the pes 2018 lite game as we speak. I ike a licenced game don’t get me wrong but I am now going to give it a try.

    Assuming you're playing FUT, why would licensing matter? You make up your own club name and pick your own strip anyway so why would you need the game to be licensed?
  • marktko
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    No just play regular seasons with my team Ipswich Town
  • FifaSlider
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    You're not the only one. EA never mentioned anything about adjusting passing but they clearly did. You, me and so many others can attest to this. It's typical for EA to make changes that are not in their released notes and they're so arrogant to think that we wont notice the changes ... pathetic.

    After the patch a month or so ago - passing is broken couples with lag which makes everything inaccurate, passes and touches are just ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Simply stupid - passes going 70 degrees from where I'm aiming, my defenders freezing when I try to block a shot, etc.

    I'm with you and I've downloaded Fortnite. This game truly is dying and deserves to die. EA needs to stop trying to focus on increasing micro transactions, re-hire all the fired programmers to create better game play and wake up - users will not stand for their bull$hit.
  • V_Babu_V
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    I'm moving over to PES too after they swiped my coins for no reason.

    But also, the gameplay looks far more realistic - you can't just run through a team with a pacey player as tackling looks more realistic.

    At the end of the day, gameplay is the most important aspect of the game for me.
  • I was the same but in Ultimate team, went from division 5 to 2 with ease, losing only 2 games in the process and having 4 games left to win 1 match in division 2 to be promoted, a patch came out then I could barely win a game at all, it was messed up.

    And with the most recent patch I'm just getting incredibly irritated because I actually have moves breaking down due to passes not going where I've aimed. I choose to pass to the middle player of a front 3 and it passes to the one on the right, I go to pass to the one on the left of the front 3 and it passes to the player in the middle. I can't believe how messed up this fifa is in comparison to others. I mean the others had bugs but nowhere near to the extent of this version.
  • marktko
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    Passing has got worse. I lost a game earlier from 2-0 up all down to woeful passes that went to my opposition in last 15 minutes. And I’m on assisted.

    My defenders now run away from the ball and part like the Red Sea it seems at times - where’s the AI ?

  • FifaSlider
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    Played one game of FUT champions just to see how it is and I may just quit for this weekend but I want to get 11 wins to auto-qualify. It's $cripted bull$hit. Without a doubt. When it's convenient, my guy doesn't pass. When it's convenient, my guy decides to fall and give the ball up. Not always, but when it's convenient for the opponent to give the game more "dramatic moments".

    It could also be the lag or the lag accentuates this and because so many people have quit so I'm paired with people from another continent but in any case it's complete garbage. Happy birthday FUT you fu*king piece of ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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