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TOTY CR7 vs R9

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94/96 R9....for anyone who used them both who is better in game? The 5* weak foot and balance favor R9 but everything else points to Ronaldo. Would be in a 41212-2


  • DaveSaves
    20137 posts Club Captain
    I much preferred R90 to ST CR7
  • Orison
    52905 posts Ballon d'Or Winner
    CR7 is the better card imo, but if you got that kind of coinage and liked watching R9 you might as well go for him.

    Without nostalgia it's CR7 for me tho.
  • EddieFicio
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    edited March 2018
    R9 is massively superior. TOTY Ronaldo is great but he still misses the same dumb chances every version of him does.
  • Mattysb1
    530 posts An Exciting Prospect
    EddieFicio wrote: »
    R9 is massively superior. TOTY Ronaldo is great but he still misses the same dumb chances every version of him does.

    Have to agree, r9 is absolutely amazing. Worst thing I've ever done on fifa was sell his 94
  • Blarix
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    Used both and R9 is much better. The animations make or break a card. They have done R9 st to ever grace FUT imo. R96 would absolutely crush any toty card
  • Romanisso13
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    Imo CR7 toty is way better than R9 94. he had like 1,2 goals per Match while R9 had like 0,8. propably a question of Play Style
  • MeanOnSunday
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    edited March 2018
    They're both about the same, small differences in both directions. Of course many people that can only afford one will say the one they have is much better; it’s called choice-supportive bias. Personally if you’re buying now I’d pick CR7 as fat Ronaldo will drop more when the prime is finally released.

  • murazor
    7860 posts League Winner
    R94 is much better. At everything
  • TTAZ
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    Some polarizing views lol. I guess since I've waited this long for prime R9, might as well just wait a little longer.
  • Wolver
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    edited March 2018
    I agree with DaveSaves as R90 is already superior as a ST.

    CR7 has better W/R (perfect W/R) for ST, so he is probably more into better plays than R90

    Now, R90 is superior on scoring, 100%, no doubt.

    R94 IS THE BEST ST FUT EVER HAD. R96 will be the best once is fully released.

    I used TOTY Ibra in FUT14, which for me was the best ST thus far in the same level as FUT15 TOTY CR7.

    None of those top R94.

    ^ 95% of those goals are Div1, div2, WL
    little less than 5% in DKT and div3
    exactly 8 goals in offline seasons (the one that goes for a week and give similar prizes as WL)

    And I suck at this game lol
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