Is Prime Larsson any good?

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Heard both good and bad things about him and not sure whether to do him or not. Plus a Prime Icon for around 400K is a steal if he's decent.


  • Gorda
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    I havent used him but Been playing against him a few Times in weekend league and he has been scoring Goals against me. I remember one Game where he scores Two Goals both outside the Box even though his longshots isnt that good if you check his stats.
    Been thinking about doing the Sbc and use him as subersub and later use him in a prime icon Sbc like gullit.
  • HysxteriA
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    He's amazing
  • Shutup
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    There are about 800 threads a day on here ❤️❤️❤️❤️ him off, so yeah probably
  • Fatmanc
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    He has relegated my OTW lukaku to the bench this weekend and wow what a decision that was, scores from anywhere, is strong enough to keep possession, and wins numerous headers, shame hes not a 4* skiller but I can live with 3*
  • Bigfootisblurry
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    Meh, he's ok but after 75 games I'm ready to bin him. Started well but he's no better than a lot of other strikers.
  • Messi181
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    For 400k or less if you have untradables his amazing. The runs he makes are ridiculous
  • byronw1983
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    For 400k he’s a GOAT
  • mindm4ster
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    I played against him many times and he never was great at all

    Another circle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ player on this forum who isn't as good as other options - same thing was with If Alessandrini -but then circle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ went mental and even pros used him lol
  • scalaneopt
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    If you know how to use him his lethal. But so was Prime Shearer. Stil, i love using it on WL.
  • jhonps3
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    Not good he is great
  • Slideman1187
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    HIs finesse from outside the box is on neymar and Messi level..
    Great player, loved his 86 but the 90 is plain awesome
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    How do u guys use him,?
  • ml1dch
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    Did the SBC yesterday to recycle into Gullit when he arrives.

    Seems fine. Can't imagine I won't use him for the above though.
  • Seandimes
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    Not a gamechanger, but very good, especially for the price
  • SuperJames9005
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    He has over 1 goal ratio after 100 WLs. That's an achievement I had with CR7 only before. No one comes close.
  • HDouble
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    Sbc is a steal as he sells for over a mil and don't think you could get better for similar price. Was reluctant due to the bad reviews but did it
    For under 400k and his so dangerous it's fun
  • Vflagship
    1205 posts Professional
    If you want to kiss goodbye to 400k coins and then feel you have to have him in every team you ever make despite really wanting to play with the latest totw or tots cards then go ahead.
    If you just want to try him out then go for the next one down and sell when you are bored
  • Mr_Dudes_x
    25 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I have him. Sometimes I absolutely hate him, others I love him! His touch is very poor for a prime icon and sometimes lets you down infront of goal. But he is very quick good in the air, links to everyone and I'd say for 400k he's worth it
  • L1vingl1fe
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    I’ve never hit the post as many consecutive times in a row with any other player as I have with prime Larsson
  • Akinfenwaaaa
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    I thoroughly enjoy him.

    Play him LS. Cut inside on the edge of the box. Finesse. Score. Repeat. Very fun player.
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