OT How easy is it to make, edit and upload gameplay?

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I've never really bothered connecting an account to youtube or anything like that, but was talking to a mate and thought it might be an interesting thing to have.

How easy is it to do? I imagine you'd just start recording when you start playing and then cut the goals to make yourself a goal montage? Is there special software you'd need to buy or is it something you could do through the PS4 or your phone?

I'm not remotely interested in youtube hits, so it wouldn't need to be seamlessly linked or be plastered with my face showing an amazed expression, it would only be for us to look back on from time to time.


  • Baznotsobad76
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    After your next match record the highlights.... Then go to your gallery and find the recorded highlights.. Then press the share button when your over the highlights.... Select YouTube to share to... And then I believe it gives you instructions to follow to link your ps4 to your YouTube channel..
  • JorisDB
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    You don't have to start recording beforehand if you're on PS4. PS4 auto records your gameplay for the last 15 minutes (this can be changed to 30 mins or even an hour I believe at the longest I believe). If you scored a banger or had an amazing game, simply press the Share button (left side of your touchpad) and press 'Save Clip'. This way your gameplay of the last 2/5/10/30/whatever minutes is saved. You can then edit it with your PS4 software (this is quite basic, but will suffice in most cases), or export the vid to YouTube/your computer and edit it afterwards.

    It's quite easy and works quite well, so might as well give it a shot!
  • FootyFootyFootball
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    Cheers guys
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