7 Chem Bale v 10 Chem Dembele

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I have an option, 10 chem Dembele or 7 Chem Bale, love Dembele's 5 star skills and HL wr as they are so handy as i have my wingers to stay wide and he can seriously beat players at ease when coming inside but he does get pushed off the ball a lot. Bale is strong and tall but the 3 weak foot and less skills coupled with the 7 chem has me uncertain. I know at the top of the game both players are used and bale the most but at 7 chem?

I know neither have a full game in them but i already have 86 Quaresma so I have a decision to make.

Who but the reason why is the most important as I am looking to improve my G2 rating to G1 sometime soon :)


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