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so what ever is in these packs - EA are unable to verify

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i packed a DDG 91 rated played on friday .. only to have the content go missing 15 minutes later... he was untradeable by the way.. anyhow i raise a case with EA and although this has been escalated twice now they are unable to validate ... what ever happened to that newsboard where it showed you have packed someone - this is a joke
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  • ill take this back now - after my 3rd escalation into another source its resolved .. to the guy who complained on here the other day about his chiellini - maybe you should also escalate

    Thanks for sticking with us while we were investigating your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team account.

    After looking into your case, we have granted the following items to your Ultimate Team on 08/27/2018:

    Player/Players granted:
    David De Gea Quintana ( RARE/ 91 /items )
  • Does that mean you won’t get the player back until August?
  • i just checked web app and his there ...
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