After a month off FIFA, the main thing I noticed in a few games last night....

948 posts Professional the insane level of AI involvement - specifically on the players you are controlling. I know it was an issue before, but the amount of times the player I'm controlling auto-slid, cleared etc was unreal.

If it wasn't the computer making my player do things I never pressed, it was the pace/angle of passes/shots I was taking. Power up a pass to one player and it would trickle off my player's foot in another direction. Try a low-driven shot and get something else.

I can't say there was much lag tbh. The new bars system seemed to work (I only went into games with 4/5 green bars). It's just the amount of stuff happening throughout the game that is outside your own actions/inputs.

I get they want the game to be a low-skill gap, but it is incredibly infuriating when you try something and the AI does something else (i.e. auto-slide the player you're controlling when you want him to stay on his feet).

All that said, I played around 8 games last night using a new-built Nott'm Forest side (with our new Jan signings) and actually enjoyed it - to a degree - playing some online singles. Did take ages finding opponents though, I'm on PS4 and never normally have to wait so long to find opponents. Maybe people have had enough/taking a break.


  • RadioShaq
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    Try manual offense and you should have more control over where passes and shots go.
  • CoachDavio
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    People at quitting in droves for the exact reasons you mentioned. Personally I have photographic evidence of my defender intentionally heading it literally the opposite way the replay shows I have the LS pressed. Woke me up and I haven’t played since
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