Goalkeeping help please.

Hi, I'm looking for some experience keepers to help me out with a few things if possible.

I'm new to the GK role, never done it on any other FIFA's except 18, I'm wondering if anyone can help on the following questions, I've just turned 90 rating and I still concede loads of goals.

Currently I'm using a build of 6'6 198lbs.

1.) 1 vs 1's are my weak point, when they're threw on goal 99% of the time its a goal, if I come out, they score, if I stay in goal they score (usually just hold L1 and dive once they shoot, is that wrong?)

2.) Diving for the ball... we will use long shots as an example but when they strike the ball obviously you get the red line, is it best to dive as soon as you see that line or is it best to wait and dive once the ball is almost in your hands?

3.) Flick or hold the stick? I see many people say different things and the more I change my technique the more I cant get into a groove.

4.) I think thats all my questions for now but any other little tips or things I should know please post below, much appreciated of any comments and thanks.


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