Anyone help with custom tactics and player instructions please?

Would be really appreciated :)


  • Corwin
    49 posts Park Captain
    Mate custom tactics depends on how You wanna play Your team.

    Universal things RB & LB stay back. CDM stay back.

    I will give You link to video where every single bar in custom tactics is explained with example - You can use it in the way You would like to play.

    But imo first of all You should change formation, but I ain't pro player so what can I know :)
  • @Corwin I would change it but wouldn`t fork for chem anymore
  • Corwin
    49 posts Park Captain
    Make same thing most ppl do - swap formation in begining of match :) Chemistry stays :)

    imo 4-1-2-1-2 (2) is now one of most ballanced formations :) Its easy to do with Your squad :)
  • @Corwin just switched 41212 into of playing just 1-2s and narrow..i wanted my beloved winger style of play :))
  • Corwin
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    @Cosssmi on what platform You play? :)
  • @Corwin xbox mate
  • Corwin
    49 posts Park Captain
    Crap. Me ps4...
  • Circa87
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    I play 41212(2) and always had my LB/RB on stay back, but now since I've had them on balanced and they get forward sometimes I score loads more goals and gives the formation loads of width :smile: hope that helps
  • maksi
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    Stay back while attacking for fullbacks isn't the optimal option for fifa 18 because most players play narrow formations and you lack width if they the don't overlap.
  • Alex_cr
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    Yeah you want your FB’s on alway overlap and your wingers in cut inside to produce the space. Set your team width high as well and your FB’s hug the touchline.
  • EA_Andy
    3378 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Some good advice in this thread - one thing I would say is try some different things like Corwin has said.

    There isn't really a one size fits all for this kind of thing - you need to experiment with what works for you. Play a good few games with one tactic and then see what needs changing.
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