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Gameplay today?

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So yesterday, I had a lot of fun playing the game as it was responsive and quick. But today, it has been truly awful. Slow/no reactions, input delay, just in general really sluggish gameplay. Anyone else feeling this? Was kinda excited finishing my WL but now, I don't thing I want to put up with this sh*t.


  • ha032742
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  • Pauldejong6
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    For me it was terrible yesterday..
  • Mattysb1
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    For me it was terrible yesterday..

  • Joestoe
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    For me it was terrible yesterday..

    Hmm so strange. Seems like the complete opposite then...
  • Andybelfast
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    For me it was terrible yesterday..

  • ha032742
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    For me it was terrible everyday..

  • Koolfashion
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    Its kinda weird, For most of my WL I had terrible gameplay despite 5 bars of connection. Didnt care about my last games and I created silver brazilian squad to play, and gameplay was AWESOME. Silver squad felt more responsive in few games than my 25 mil team in 30 games. This situation makes me question everything about this game.

    It shouldnt be possible in "E-sport ready" game that hundreds of people on forum have different feeling of the gameplay. From the business perspective its structured to force you for buying better players (FP).

    They managed to create a game that no one can explain in terms of mechanics/gameplay/delay etc. and cant fix bug of cam and rcm switching for few months.
  • BenzP7
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    Yeah gameplay has been so ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so I had to change my formation and the way I play. I am forced to play possession with safe build up.
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