How is Messi? Reviews please

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Do his M/M effect him? Is he a game changer / worth the substantial coins?


  • Cadey 5
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    NIF CF or TOTY?
  • DougInskip
    6446 posts League Winner
    The NIF is unreal at RF
  • iD33J91
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    Cadey 5 wrote: »
    NIF CF or TOTY?
    DougInskip wrote: »
    The NIF is unreal at RF

    NIF at RW
  • BcfcDale88
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    I’m using the 95 and he’s unreal scores goals for fun
  • Sean2On
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    His M/M absolutely ruined him for me.

    Used him at CAM, RF and ST. Couldn’t get on with him in any position.
  • Nehemiah
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    I adore him I have him at cf and he has played 514 games for me scoring 488 goals
  • Chappy
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    Played him at ST and wide CAM. Loved him at times and thought he disappeared at times.

    He scored some really nice goals for me, but I eventually sold him because I felt he was wasted at wide CAM. Might give him another go soon.
  • razor_ro
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    edited February 2018
    I’ve used all but his hero and 95 card:

    93 NIF - bang for your buck, best card, even at striker with 7 chem RF
    94 Hero - never used
    94 IF - not much of an upgrade from NIF, but position change, sold and got the NIF back
    95 IF - never used
    TOTY - using as striker with 7 chem RF, scores 3-4 goals almost every game ... no joke ... keeping this card
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