41212(2) - CAM and RCM swap

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Since buying ADP, this has become so apparent, him and Modric seem to position switch all the time, totally nullifying ADP. Is it advisable to go 4312, lose the CDM but at least get full use out of ADP, or any way to stop this happening?


  • riskywhat
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    Annoys me too mate. Just have to put up with it for now. I tried 4312 for a few weeks but it's not as good IMO.

    Surely the pros have been on at EA to get it patched?!? A lot of them use the 41212(2)
  • yiddo13
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    I don't like the thought of the flat midfield in 4312.
  • Jason1986
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    I tend to end up bringing the player out of position at CAM deeper when defending, it helps switch them back to their original positions. But there's times when your CM is through on goal (poor finishing, not enough pace, etc) and it will still cost me.
  • Rossco160715
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    This drives me insane. It’s been the same since day one. Naingollan and ADP swap constantly.
  • yiddo13
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    Do you all use free form for second part of CT? Would organised help I wonder?
  • WTFsmirky08
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    I use TOTY KDB at CAM and Pogba at RCM, safe in the knowledge both are capable in both positions. I then play ADP on balanced as a striker. Seems to work fine

    But yeah, you'd have though they could have patched it by now
  • Estaban
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    I had to take ADP out because of it. :(

    But I noticed too that Marcelo at LCM does the same.
  • Acker
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    flagged as an issue pretty much week 1 of the game

  • yiddo13
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    Pathetic it ain't been sorted, such a basic issue.
  • Mnark95
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    It’s a bug
    Cam with RCM
    LCM with CDM
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