Low Pressure In Defence

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Just wondering if anyone could give me some tips in regards to increasing pressure and aggression in defence.

In this scenario, i seem to let in a lot of goals. My opponent will low driven pass into my box and my defenders seem to wait back which gives the other teams striker the chance to hit a low driven shot which seemingly Big Pete can't ever save. They seem to never push up and pressure the attacking players but I come across decent players and their defenders seem up in my face cutting down my reaction times.

Is this a matter of custom tactics and if so any ideas to help?

Also in the 41212 is there anything you can do so your CDM stays back a little further on the pitch? Is this work rates or custom tactics?

I know nobody is obliged to help but it would be awesome. I'm on the cusp of elite 3 but every week i keep getting beaten with the same kind of goals.


  • In custom tactics you can increase pressure to have a higher line and aggression to get them going after the ball more.

    As for the CDM work rates play a role as well as player instructions. A M/H DM with stay back while attacking will protect the back line better than say a M/M or H/M
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    i dont play low pressure but on this game iv'e realised that soon as i lose the ball i press 2nd man press and don't let go till i win the ball back and just use the player i control to try and intercept is the best way. Most of the time the cpu player will intercept for me, sad but true..
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    Thanks for the tips boys.

    Have played around with the tactics and have started to use the second man press more seems to help.
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    Second man press can be dangerous, defending is very hard to explain because it's so situation dependent but honestly higher pressure (60) and aggression (65, both in my case) is the way to go

    Not anybody nor pro's can deal with defending this year (people on their own level) the conclusion is it's better to push up to keep your opponent further away from your box as much as possible. Obviously, nothing is fool proof.

    What i can tell you i'm personally trying to improve is player switching (manually) to the player BEHIND the ball carrier who the opponent is running with. This technique really helps to pressure effectively rather than relying on second man press, which really i believe from studying the game mechanics and pro's.. should mainly only be used when they're out wide.

    Protect the middle with your life and even then, sometimes nothing is enough vs a good player. I'm elite, so i'm doing something right but would like to go from E3/2 > E1, although i believe it holds me back having teams not as good as a lot of those guys and the fact they're so good at reading and exploiting AI.
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