Ibra or 89 kane or 86 Firmino?

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  • Elliot666
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    ibra is VERY clinical, long shots, in the box but as you know not fast.

    If you don't need pace then go with ibra IMO
  • Footfan
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    Has anyone else tested these players?
  • nitraw
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    i use xmas ibra and he's awesome. i've been having a slump with all my players tho the last 10 games its the usual.... sheva hitting posts, ibra hitting posts, dybala and icardi missing sitters. but it happesn. overall ibra is excelle
  • A_Snipe
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    I love nif Kane. Just got him untradeable last night to replace my other nif. I’d highly recommend him
  • Footfan
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    Anyone use 86 Firmino as striker?
  • Dabizas
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    I use xmas ibra and im very dissapointed
  • Heshamk93
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    Ibra the good part about him is he is quite agile and has low defensive workrate and got good compusure and great long shots
    But dont expect to counter with him
    Kane the issue is he has low agility and balance and his speed is on the low side and when a player has high def workrate and low speed the player doesnt show up while attacking
    Totgs firmino is great as a cam or a false 9 because he got great passing and longshots and strength but low composure
  • Footfan
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    Thanks everyone, looks like i will stick with G.jesus
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