Futmas Muriel - Anyone still using him?

What a great card! Anyone still using him after two weeks? I was just getting him as a stop gap before demoting him to a super sub, but he really is something else. Using him up front with Prime Henry with Prime ADP behind them. Doubt I'll upgrade him until I can afford a premium forward like 87 Crespo.

92 pace, 87 finishing, 89 shot power, 89 agility, 84 strength, 79 balance, 88 ball control, 88 dribling, 81 heading accuracy, 4*WF, 4*SM, H/L, even 80 vision, 81 short passing. Also got some good traits.

Only downside is 72 composure and 70 long shots. Composure not as big of an issue as I initially thought, but he can miss while pressured every now and then. Paired with Henry and ADP 70 long shots is a let down, but at 60k you can expect more than this.

I was expecting him to be good, but not this good. Anyone else have any opinions on him?


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