Double Loss EA Glitch

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Spent some time with the EA Chat, finally they directed me to here. I guess my case is so ridiculous that I need to be harshly mocked by you guys to see how immature I am and how stupid what I am saying is. I actually wanted to address EA with an email, but the only contact option seems to be the chat. The help at the chat follows this simple procedure of saying that they sympathize with your problem, offer you some packs and end the call abruptly which is not helping me to articulate my frustration.

I usually have 1-2 disconnects during a WL. That is my internet infrastructure. I got used to it, accept it, and live with it. I know what a disconnect from your side looks like.

This WL something very strange happened to me not once but twice. In both cases, I was playing well, it seemed that I was the party closer to the win, and then my opponent scores a goal and now they are ahead by 1-0. Then the pause, and then the error message “You lost your connection to your opponent” OK. Obviously, he or she lost the connection. There is no second message saying that “You lost your connection to EA Servers”. I am still at the match menu. Can see statistics etc. Then I advance and see that I was given a loss. Without losing connection to EA Servers at all.

Here is what I think is going on here, there is no way to be absolutely sure about it, but the timing and the way the disconnect occurs convinced me of it. This no loss glitch with 4G was taking advantage of that EA Servers, when unable to determine who initiated the disconnect was giving both sides the benefit of the doubt. Both players were treated as if their opponents disconnected. Now with this cheat became public, they changed how this exception is handled, it is either giving both parties a loss or only to the losing party.

I am a Gold3 player. I lose more than %50 of my games. I am not on 4G. I started this week with 6 straight loses. Lost connection right after that when ahead and got the loss. To any fraudulent behavior detection algorithm this clearly indicates that there is nothing unusual going on here. So Dear EA, how dare you to treat me as a cheater?

You could have waited a week, collected the data and acted on that. You could have informed chat people about this so that they can try to do somewhat better. You could have at least made it public beforehand that benefit of the doubt era is over, there are no loss glitches anymore, so no one tries it.

My experience with the chat people, their lack of power to try to do anything useful is a story for another time.


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    I had almost same experience here , when I'm leading and dominating the match , in error message will pop up and it will not count me as winner , however , at the match summary it will show it as "win". If I'm losing and connection to server lost at the beginning of first half min 10 to 15 it will count it as a lose !
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