157 posts Has Potential To Be Special
Futbin (may be incorrect) is saying he's at 53k! Surely that's too low ? Do you reckon he'll fall much more?? Cheers!


  • shamheff1989
    2438 posts Fans' Favourite
    He's down to 48k now according to Futbin. I agree. Based on his prices in recent years, it's ridiculously low. Becoming less and less popular though, especially due to his pace downgrades, and not used in SBCs so that's hitting him hard.
  • Edward220967
    1519 posts Play-Off Hero
    He honestly has a good card except for his strength. He's also pretty easy to snipe
  • keyroy
    1611 posts Play-Off Hero
    I bought one earlier for 67k thought that was a ridiculous price :s
  • RoosterBlue
    1143 posts Professional
    picked ine up for 40k, can't go wrong at that price.
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