Squad Battle Glitch?

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Hey all,

Beat computer 5-0 on legendary - game ends I get zero coins and On squad battle screen it shows as a 3-0 loss and 0 points.

Any thoughts / advice?


  • Renamed2610170914
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    Yeah and ea say it's our Internet connection lol there a joke useless ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • happened to me, i also had that on video and senti it to them, after they realised is their servers they offered me a premium gold pack, i sad pass!! i just wanted and extra game to play or my points, but is nothing you can do about it, just get over it!
  • MuzzaLUFC
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    Happened to me too, I got a 3-0 loss and no points but didn’t receive a loss on my overall record

    Won my next 3 games scoring 16 goals in total, so was highly pee’d off as I was within a few 100 points of top 100 thanks to 25 goals and 5 wins on Monday

    Always next week - sick of saying that mind
  • iamthebest
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    i got the same
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    Theres another post about this and people are saying its our internet ....clueless
  • bjornheisenberg
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    lets say theres 100 routes into the ea main node where the server is.
    if one of those gets congested your tcp might not get through and once that happens you will disconnect because of non received acks.

    this most likley happens because ea didnt do their groundwork when placing the server in a location.
    any quality company would check infrastructure and likely routes used before placing a server.

    i blame ea 100% on this one.
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