Anybody else's pack luck just straight trash?



  • dieiscast
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    JigglySte wrote: »
    Literally packed nothing all year bar an IF Lukaku, bare in mind I've won 240 drafts and finish elite every week. My mates have packed icons from silver finishes :D

    Hahaha. And Battlefront Gamers complain about 40h for a character
  • Daveyb
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    When you do tradeable gauranteed totw and you draw 3 Malli of the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ belt you know you're ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Daveyb
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    Waspy wrote: »
    My pack luck lately has been disgustingly good really. I know it'll run outback soon enough so rinsing the upgrade packs while going is good!

    Packed Ozil, Fabregas, IF Wilson, IF Hazard, Herrera, Cech, De Bryne and Girezemann just over the past 4 days! Crazy

    Been baron though up to that point though. About time something came good TBH.

    Get lost
  • Sirin
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    At 14 TOTWs packs now. Packed 1 Dante and the rest have all been worse with 8x Castro. Absolutely ridiculous this.
  • Oscaaaar
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    Packed Lukaku from one of the BF Flash SBCs, got De Bruyne from one of the Cyber Monday Flash SBCs. Guess EA want me build a Belgium team.

    Also, got Özil and PTG Asensio from gold finishes in WL. Other than that I packed Vidal from a SBC during webapp phase.
  • MoeilijkeMan
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    Can't complain reading this really. Packed Lewa and Hazard on web app release, so was able to build a killer squad before release day. Notable pulls after that were Laca, Vidal, Mertens and some ok pulls like Rakitic/Modric.

    Never bought a pack, so all from SBC packs and WL rewards (gold 3 avg).
  • ez1907
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    C4rt wrote: »
    JigglySte wrote: »
    Literally packed nothing all year bar an IF Lukaku, bare in mind I've won 240 drafts and finish elite every week. My mates have packed icons from silver finishes :D

    Wow you play a lot. This means you played at least 960 draft games (not counting the ones you didn't win) and 400 WL games if you finished the 40 games every week. That's an average of 4,8 hours a day...
    And yet my wife complains that I play a lot and have less than 200 matches .. :smiley:
    Part of me really envy you right now :D

    Same here :D
  • JigglySte
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  • Best untradeable pulls (Marcelo, oblak, Hamsik,bakayoko,rashford,aubayemang ,o.dembele, pique, lacazette, Rose, IF batman and few low rated informs) everyone is below 100k apart from aubayemang. All gold upgrades

    Best tradeable pulls ( OTW ederson 60k, godin x2 80k)

    And that's it.....still no icon for me, 90% of my best pulls always seem to be untradeable.
  • jrsantss
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    I packed Aguero and Kante
    Nothing after
  • Dabizas
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    This year packed kante, eriksen and mbappe. All others were discards.
    Spent about 100eur for fifa points and 500k coins.
  • DeDeputy
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    Spent over 400 euros on FP. (I enjoy playing the draft) and i've gotten nothing all year but then this weekend i pulled ZLATAN!!!! i went fu**** apeshit.

    but then i checked his price :neutral:
  • ez1907
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    Cant break 83+ rating curse(or manipulation by ea)..I gave up opening packs
  • Just had bad luck, completed TOTW 10 untradeable SBC twice and received Dante twice so had to quicksell him for 0 credits losing a full 83 rated 11 players. EA claim packs are random but have previously packed Ederson three times in a week and Lallana twice in an hour last night.
  • deelio
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    Packed a carrasco from a rare mega pack at the beginning of the game. Apart from carrasco all my players 84 rated or above have been goalkeepers. Best pull Buffon 50k
  • bucs0576
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    Did two tradable totw sbc's. Packed 81 Wilson both times....
  • Zhyquron
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    Won 60 drafts, best pull Robben and OTW Bonucci. 3 times LW - Brazilian flag... > Coutinho. :'(
  • JaguarKillz
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    I’ve had bugger all from lots of SBC and FP packs, yet my friend has had ronaldo and Ronaldinho, 5m from two players alone!
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