SIF Icardi Thoughts?

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Anyone used the SIF Icardi (87) Card?

Packed him from an SBC and used him a few times but only on 7 chem as he doesn't fit my team, I have him alongside Overmars and am very happy to build a Serie A side around him if he is good enough but not been impressed so far.

Anybody using him on 10 chem and what's your thoughts? Also how do you use him to make the most of his lack of pace?


  • Liam W
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    I don't really see the point of him tbh. He has good shooting stats but you can just use chemistry styles to get a cheaper striker who can actually pass to have the same shooting.
  • ICUP
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    When I had my serie a squad his 86 version was a GOAT. Inside the box he was clinical and for being short he has something like 98 jumping.

    Got a la liga squad but when I build my 2nd squad its deffo gonna be around him
  • FinneganFach
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    His finishing is just outrageous tbh.

    If you're patient enough to work the ball in to good scoring positions and don't just lump it forward for the fastest striker you have then he's class.
  • Jordje58
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    His IF was crazy good for me....the SIF has just +1 shooting tho
  • gaz12321
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    Thanks for the comments guys, I try to play patient passing football (not easy though, thanks EA!) so he should be a decent fit.

    I've got Banega in my club so could help with chem while I give him a few games and see how he plays for me.
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