Double False 9

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Hello! We are Double False 9, we are by far the single greatest pro club the Premier League lounge has ever seen. We stand for tiki taka, character and philosophy. The club was founded back in the days of 2015 when @hasan09876 and @thexavman were having a kick with a ball on a local pitch. After a while Xavman said; "I think it is time to make a Pro club side for the lounge any idea for the name?". Where Hasan replied with "Borini and Lambert are better players than Sterling but Brendan Rodgers should have started Lazar Markovic and Adam Lallana in a 3142 double false 9 formation." And the rest was history

Double False 9 has never had a stadium up until 2015 when the government of South Sudan unveiled the plans of Stade de Noncé, taking 40% off the entire country's national budget. The stadium was opened in 2015 by famous pop group N.W.A and no-one other than Michael Jackson.

As of FIFA 17 Double False 9 have won every trophy possible and would like to thank top scorer @Hagman10, team captain @SimmoEFC, the long time deceased @1Claudio9 & mr. consistent @exzoo for helping the club win its first ever division 1 title in which it would the start of a new dynasty.

Double False 9 is currently not looking for new players, this thread is only to keep the Premier League lounge uncrowded from unwanted talk of the best part of the game.


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