Bug in new feature

49 posts Park Captain

I am rly glad that You made that fantastic new feature called "QUick substitution" It's rly great, becouse during any online game we don't need to use pause for subs.

But Why The HELL in FUT You can't save who You wanna to swap?

And 2nd ... In my Squad I wanna change Martial (LM) becouse he is always dying near 70minutes. I see him as susgestion to change, but Your script is so STUPID that it don't suggest to change LM for other LM that is in my reserve. It always suggest to swap LM for CDM, later for RW and always as THIRD suggestion LM for LM. Grats. Who was so stupid and wrote script for suggestion? It's not looking at stats, at overal or at possition. What the HELL?


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