Squad Battles - Lost Matches / Missing Content - Please Help EA

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EA - I wish to make this as concise as possible, however, there is a lot to explain. I have been advised to post this on here from your EA Support Representative, with whom I spoke today at 18:00.

Firstly, for context - I have two accounts, one of which is a FUT Founder - So I am experienced when it comes to FIFA. The issue has occurred on the second, new, account.

I have spent over £1,000-£2000 on FIFA over the past years, and have been a valuable customer.

The Issue:

For the past two weeks of Squad Battles, I have lost out on 8, and 4 matches respectively due to a glitch in the 'opponent update' feature.

Updates for Friday-Sunday are as follows for UK, London (GMT) Time Zone:
Saturday: 1am - 9am = 4 matches
Saturday: 9am - 5pm = 4 matches
Saturday: 5pm - 1am = 4 matches

Total: 12 Matches.

I have, today (Saturday 4th November 2017) played 4 matches (1am - 9am) the 9am - 5pm matches were stacked. I then updated opponents BEFORE 5pm UK time. My opponents updated, but then at 5pm I did NOT receive 4 more matches - there was NO 'Update Opponent' option - thus reducing my total playable matches by 4. This happened twice last week!

Last week I finished less than 2,000 points from Elite 2 - meaning I missed out on 2 Mega Packs due to a glitch in the game!

This week, I am currently 3,000 points from Elite 2 as of Saturday at 18:00, with 4 matches yet to play - meaning I will be on the cusp of Elite 2 once I have played these 4 matches.

However, this has undoubtedly made achieving Elite 2 this week nearly impossible, due to losing out on between 4,500-5,500 points from the glitched matches.

For further context, three weeks ago, before these opponent update glitches were happening to me, I finished in Elite 2 - I have not been able to return to Elite 2 since due to this glitch.

I have lost out on 2 Mega Packs, and 5,000 extra coins. And will probably miss out on the same this week, once again.

To add to this, my EA Level (for catalogue purchases) has been frozen since week 1 - so I am currently sat on 64,000 credits to spend, and I am frozen on Level 16 at 23,589 points - meaning I cannot even unlock coin bonuses to earn extra coins from matches!

EA, I am at a huge disadvantage, and would very much appreciate a private discussion with a senior member of the team as my previous 'troubleshooting' advice was an email from EA support with elaborate instructions on how to restart my Xbox Console (Mac Address etc.) - which was a poor attempt of palming me off and hoping I don't come back!

I feel like I am being closed off from anyone whom can genuinely make this right, and/or make me feel valued.

This glitch is also making me, understandably, lose some fondness for FIFA 18.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




  • Likewise! Im quite surprised no one has posted about this so far. Last week ive lost a set of 4 games and just today ive lost another set of 4 games. I dont understand why this is happening and i havent seen a reply to this yet. Ive contacted EA and all they keep saying is that i should go to the forums and post about it and they cant do anything about it. So what exactly is the point of EA's help centre if they cant help?
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    OK that seems weird , if they told you to post it here , then they don't have a solution, on the other hand , this post allowed me to know that there are 12 matches per day in squad battle ! Lol . I'm playing only at night and don't have time to play at day , hence I though that I have only 4 match a day . Now I can understand why I'm always struggling and finishing at elite 2 division ! Thanks buddy for the information
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    Same for most people mate happened to me few times now
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