The feeling...

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when you have a 3 goal lead in the 84 minute and suddenly your opponent's Marquinhos scores a first touch bicycle kick from 30 metres with his 38 shooting stat and finally end up losing 4-5 after 90 minutes because your players forget to move.
This game is a joke...


  • Demon_reborn
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    Mate atleast yoyr ps4 is working. Mine just broke down tonight
  • M@nt!c
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    You have to change up when u lead with 3-0. I sub in the 70th minute when im 2-0 up or more
  • Mmandras
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    Yeah change players, park the bus and shield the ball around opponent corner flag. :D Also, Marquinhos is brazilian, and all brasilian players have secret bicycle kick trait. It's deep in the legacy code from Fifa 97.
  • Chapman
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    You have to see the game out after the 80 mins mark you feel a bit of #unt but needs must
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