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Prime sbc Rui costa or griezmann?

354 posts Sunday League Hero
As a cf, it would be the abc Rui costa..


  • Eisenhardt
    4178 posts National Call-Up
    The SBC is expensive right now because of the new primes release. I'm using both Rui and Griezmann in my squad and if I had to choose I'd go for Griez.
  • pudgyfudgy
    6138 posts Big Money Move
    Missed your chance to do Rui Costa at 100-150k less during the Scream boosts.

    Using Rui Costa as CF in a 4411 with Crespo in ST and the two of them are just assisting each other non stop. They can literally one-two their way from midfield all the way to goal.
  • yeah should've done rui costa during scream boost thingy.. but atm just go for griezmann.. unless you have the coins to go for rui costa and then send him down the drain for the beauty that is Del Piero ;)
  • Busterlin
    354 posts Sunday League Hero
    Thanks guys, been working all week so only chance is Saturday. Think I’ll go for the little Frenchie.
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