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Tolisso vs Vidal vs IF Tiago

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edited October 2017
Even throw James into the mix, who's your favorite Bayern Mid and why? I need a pairing with Robben and all seem intriguing. I know Tolisso isn't the same rating wise, but I had him on Loan earlier in the year and he was quite solid and you can't beat the price.


  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    Vidal is a stud for me.
  • SeaDawgBob
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    Vidal is a stud for me.

    Ya I'm leaning towards Vidal, anyone have any other feedback?
  • VladimirSochi
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    Vidal is my favorite but a close second is Muller. His stats my not jump out at you but he's an incredible CAM. Always in the right place and can do a little bit of everything. I play him behind Lewa and Auba and it's not uncommon for him to outshine them both
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    Tolisso isn't bad though to be honest. I used him and Vidal as a partnership and he made plays. If he gets an IF my OTW will be badass.
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    In fact, OTW Tolisso is on my bench as a sub. My main squad midfield is Muller at CAM, IF Brozovic as LCM and Vidal at RCM. I use Tolisso to sub for Broz around 60th min, and if I need a sub for Vidal I put in Ander Herrera.
  • Mattysb1
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    Id definitly pixk Vidal over the others, if you can make it work id highly reccomend IF Goretzka. He is amazing and around the same price as vidal
  • Lamboo
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    Tolisso lost a spot on my roster. I am running Vidal and Goretzka as my CDMs and I use Mueller as a sub for Goretzka.
  • Gorda
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    I use both Vidal and tolisso, both are beasts that boss the midfield but Vidal is better.
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    My main team has James at CF, Vidal and IF Goretzka at CM. I can’t imagjne it getting much better than them two unless I get to icons....

    My fitness team has Muller at CF, IF Arunguiz and Tolisso at CM. Those two are also a great pair.

    Vidal and IF Goretzka though are the two best mids in the Bundesliga for sure though.
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    I have IF Thiago at CAM in my Bundesliga team and Vidal at CDM... I think those are strong points for both.

    If your need is solely for a box to box CM - I think I'd go with Vidal for the superior defense. Thiago is great with his dribbling/passing however if you want a more offensive player.
  • BestFutPlayaEver
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    If goretzka. Best cm in the game.
  • fluffymnuffy
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    If Tolisso
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