WL cheat glitch?

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Was just beating a guy 4-0 in WL. He proceeds to pause his game 3 times and uses the full 30 seconds. When we start playing again, there's this unreal delay. Almost two seconds after I press a button before it registers,

So I kept trying to change player and by the time it finally did I need someone else. If I passed the ball it would take like two seconds before my player actually passed. Noticing something was obviously wrong, I press pause. The second I did, it said there was a disconnection.

I received coins for the match, but I did not get a win. On top of this, it counted as one of my 40 WL games.

I'm not here asking for the game back lol. I don't actually take FIFA seriously enough to do that. But it really pissed me off. I'm fairly close to reaching Gold 1 this weekend and I'm mostly just annoyed that someone could erase my 4-0 lead on them like that and essentially give me a loss.

Furthermore, I've just never seen that happen before with the delay etc. this happened in the 70th minute and the game was perfectly fine until he started pausing. Anyone else ever experience this?


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