How old you are? When you play fifa since?


  • AtomicOdin
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    39 and played since the first one on the mega drive came out in 93/94 can't remember which year.
  • Mizenberg
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    38, been playing since about 1994 I think. Although I did go to PES from about 2000-2010, then came back to the dark side!
  • They Caged Non
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    otutsarTR wrote: »
    40, playing since 95, we used to have over30 forum here as well (looooong ago) ...

    they have their own forum now, if you google it.

  • They Caged Non
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    36, been playing since the early 90s, basically we switched over to Fifa from Sensible Soccer as soon as it was released.
  • robmays
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    Only one person under 20 in this thread?
  • Boss0
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    robmays wrote: »
    Only one person under 20 in this thread?

    I find that hard to believe considering the toxicity and immaturity in the community. Some have probably lied.
  • Lukaku9
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    39 since its first release.
  • 36, been playing since the early 90s, basically we switched over to Fifa from Sensible Soccer as soon as it was released.

    Swos <3
  • Adrian095
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    edited October 2017
    22. The fifa where players would do star jumps when creating players :D 99 I've been told.
  • CarlosJr9
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    Fifa 98 Road to World Cup.
  • M4YON
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    I'm 26 and my first Fifa game was Fifa 98 on the Mega drive.
  • Razer94
    1814 posts Play-Off Hero
    23. Fifa 1998
  • Ripsmokey78
    73 posts Park Captain
    28. fifa 98 road to world cup!
  • deang07
    8429 posts League Winner
    32 and 94
  • slicknick
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    27, been playing every year since 11, but the first one I ever had was 96 for genesis
  • ForestGrump70
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  • Daarky
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    27 soon, playing since 1995.
  • chosenone
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    FIFA 96
  • SteveG
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    29 every year since 97, from Northern Ireland.

    I have been saying for years to myself but gonna give it up when i turn 35, find it way to stressful sometimes.
  • Littleland95
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    43 now. First I tried was FIFA 98 World Cup. Played rarely after that until 2011 when I started with FUT.
  • maTTeOs_mAZzA
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    edited October 2017

    Been playing since FIFA 99. Took a hiatus from the FIFA series almost immediately after in the early 2000's as PES was so good. Played PES 4 right up to PES 10 then switched back to FIFA with FIFA 11. Stuck with FIFA ever since. I think I chose the perfect time to switch back, don't regret the decision one bit as PES 11 onwards was a pile of sh!te and FIFA 11 was the best ever FIFA imo.

    Nowadays I don't play nearly as much FIFA as I did when I didn't have a full time job. I absolutely smashed FIFA 12 and FIFA 13. Played over 1000 games in FUT easily. Now I can barely make 100. :(
  • Mini_Miudo
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    22, Fifa World Cup 1998 (was way too young though), then Fifa 2002. Only been a massive fan since 09 though, Pes was the better game before that.
  • Ranntheman
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    49- gaming since 1981.

    No idea when I first played FIFA but I remember i gave Noah an 11-0 hiding on the ark when he was using op Juve. Ravenelli, Vialli and co gave me nightmares!
  • cawbrey2
    1309 posts Play-Off Hero
    21 since 04. used to jst make 99 teams all day lol
  • cavaca
    134 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    26 playing since fifa10, married already and one kid
  • WellWornSock
    280 posts Sunday League Hero
    24, first fifa was 98 didnt really play it until FIFA 2001 came when i was 8
  • Gooner
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    21. First FIFA that i played was 2004
  • Grouchies
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    26. First game i played was Sensible world of soccer, What a game that was. Can't actually remember which was the first FIFA. One of the late FIFA 90-Something.
  • gbshow
    1094 posts Professional
    38 and fifa 96 on the snes. Don't play much anymore though
  • Enguin
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    20. First one I played was 2003 I think (it was one where the score graphic thing came up on the pitch at kick-offs) at a friend's house and we were both United fans but since it was his house I had to use Liverpool and I beat him 12-1 and he wouldn't play me again.
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