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Jesus or Rashford?

54 posts Park Captain
Which one and why?

Jesus looks overpowered, but how is Rashford?


  • Mattysb1
    530 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Not used rashford but using Jesus in a 4321
    (Cr7 - Jesus - Willian)

    And he is my top scorer, a few more goals than Cristiano.. definitly worth picking him up makes incredible runs and finishes most shots inside the area
  • Tornado31619
    20211 posts Club Captain
    Jesús, not even a question.
  • CtldChaos
    2205 posts Fans' Favourite
    Jesús, not even a question.

    +1 He might be game breaking....
  • mojav
    388 posts Sunday League Hero
    4321 is the most stupid formation ever
  • Xaini29
    1994 posts Fans' Favourite
    rashford any day--why? he is better on the ball
  • gbshow
    991 posts Professional
    Rashford. Jesus is good but gets thrown off the ball v easily.
  • n2j2000
    2431 posts Fans' Favourite
    Jesus. He is so OP, practically scores every game for me even out of nothing. His finishing is so clinical.
  • DicaniosGod
    5527 posts Big Money Move
  • Idle
    400 posts Sunday League Hero
    Rashford scores a lot more for me, but Gabriel assists a little more...

    Both great but if I had to pick one, I'd go with rashford shooting seems a lot more accurate, and is a bit better in the air, doesn't get pushed about so much
  • Pieman25
    17086 posts World Class
    Going by the majority of teams out there both is the way to go.
  • Cornushon
    4815 posts National Call-Up
    I'd say Rashford. Had wonderful experience playing again s him. Was really lovely sunny afternoon, when I decided to get some bs in my blood and logged in FIFA..y opponent had incredibly unique squad with Rashford and Xmen upfront... Game was pretty even and attacking, opponent haven't tried to force the ball to Rashford, but in the end score was 5-6, my loss, 6 goals scored by Rashford... FML
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