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We still are not able to find opponents on a regular basis in Pro Clubs. Sometimes over an hour without finding opponent.
Could someone please post your clubs server location and matchmaking options in the hope that something May assist with the above.


  • We also struggling with this its annoying we can only get games when we 2 players once we more we don't ...All regions not recommended to us coz we in South Africa and fifa didn't care to give us an African server
  • same here is my team the only one having trouble matchmaking in pro clubs?? We tried all variations possible including the captain having voice chat enabled and linin up before the others. resetting game after every crash or bug. Does anyone here know a solution for regular league matchmaking? we have been trying for hours to find a simple league match many times without success.
  • South african here too! Can't find a game either on fifa 18 unless i search with 2 people
  • Moai
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    Southamerica here, since ea decided to block regions by ip we cant find matches.
  • I have same problem in Republic of Ireland. Only ever played with UK based players.
  • kathers81
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    Ensure half of your team has the following primary and secondary DNS...
    You will lag but at least you get games
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