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NIF Neymar price

377 posts Sunday League Hero
edited October 2017
I bought him for 550k a few days ago and have noticed his price steadily increase seeing as he's out of packs. He's 720k on XB1 this morning.

It seems likely he'll be in TOTW this week too.

Any market gurus willing to offer any advice on when he's likely to peak. Would you predict he'll go above 800k?


  • Scutch
    12926 posts Has That Special Something
    I bought one for the same price and have been thinking this too. Exact same situation as you.
  • Grousey
    377 posts Sunday League Hero
    I actually bought him to use him but it's tempting to sell as his price keeps rising.

    I'd look to buy him back in a couple of weeks when he's back in packs and down to 500k again.

    Have you set a price where you'd consider cashing in?
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